Links to Leading Test Publishers

Ashley Hoyle work with a number of leading publishers of personality questionnaires and ability tests. We would strongly advise an individual who is going to undertake a test or complete a questionnaire to familiarise themselves with the style and format of the questions and the type of answers required. This is particularly important when completing ability tests as practice and familiarity will help individuals perform at their best in the actual selection test.

Here are links to the practice tests on the SHL and Saville Assessment websites. These will give you the opportunity to try out examples of questions and even to undertake full length tests if you wish to. This is a free service.

Click here to visit the SHL practice tests.

Saville Assessment Logo

Click here to visit the Saville Assessment test preparation guidelines and advice.

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Client Testimonials

We used Ashley Hoyle recently to help us with a complex project developing an objective assessment method to grade roles within our organisation.

Laura Wander, Group HR Director, Freedom Finance Group