Change Management

“The Only Constant is Change” In many organisations, large groups of employees are often going through change at any one time. Ashley Hoyle can help to harness the energies of those impacted by change programmes so that they are actively engaged in the change process rather than being passive “victims”.

Employee Surveys

Whatever the drivers for your employee survey, it can be a powerful tool with which to explore the “temperature” or perceptions within your organisation. Our consultants use employee surveys to help clients identify issues and initiate appropriate changes. There are many areas that can be explored and assessed within the workplace, including communications, equality and diversity, health and safety, working environment and performance review.

Executive Coaching

Ashley Hoyle Consultants are experienced coaches who help individuals deliver their objectives more effectively. A usual starting point is some form of assessment process to understand the individual and their needs and motives as well as the perspective of other interested parties and stakeholders. Clear goals and targets for the coaching are usually agreed early on. Ashley Hoyle provide support where appropriate, helping the individual executive to move forwards and deal with their challenges and concerns.

Leadership Development

Over many years, Ashley Hoyle Consultants have worked with top teams and senior individuals on Leadership Development programmes. These are often bespoke programmes where our Consultants’ specialist expertise is combined with the skills of the in-house Management Development team to bring together a programme to meet the needs of the organisation. Ashley Hoyle has a range of specialist Associate Consultants with whom we work to ensure that the needs of clients from all sectors can be met.

Performance Management

Performance Management processes include Appraisal Interviews, Objective Setting, on-going Monitoring and Feedback on performance. Ashley Hoyle can help your organisation to monitor the effectiveness of your performance management processes. We can help you to improve this performance through Scheme Design, Review of Objectives and Training for Appraisers and Appraisees in the practical skills required to participate in constructive performance discussion, coaching and objective setting.

Talent Management

Ashley Hoyle Consultants discover the most talented individuals within organisations and work with them to ensure their skills are effectively challenged and directed at achieving of personal and organisational goals. Identifying key talent is a crucial step in any talent management programme. At the same time, it is vital to retain the motivation, energy and efforts of all individuals throughout the workforce and our consultancy services will help you to achieve this goal.

360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback, or multi-rater feedback, is a powerful tool which helps people understand how their behaviour impacts on those around them. The process can help to motivate by highlighting an individual’s perceived strengths, as well as providing compelling reasons to change behaviour in other areas. It can also help to significantly improve team performance. Ashley Hoyle consultants use 360 degree feedback to achieve positive changes as part of appraisal, performance management, coaching and team development activities.

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Client Testimonials

Charles ... created and ran a series of change management workshops which were professional, thorough and engaging and very well received by the delegates.

Neil Lancaster, Director H R transformation, N G Bailey Ltd

Charles has trained the international HR team in competency design techniques which has been very useful in building their skills threshold.

Paul Milner, Global HR Director, PZ Cussons International Limited